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Turbo Vinyl Range

€10.95 Sq Yd

Turbo Vinyl

Venice Tile 990D


Mayfair 109M


Aveo 090S


Scottsdale 099M


Venice Tile 790D


Venice Tile 961M


Aged Oak 967M


Lion 2303


Mayfair 009S


Aged Oak 619M


Sandstone 911M


Sandstone 919D


Venice Tile 990D


Cameo 1300

Actual Plus Range

€12.95 Sq Yd


Mayfair 691M


Cameo 3600


Keyline 909M


Aged Oak 916D


Atlas 693D


Ice Diamond 0093


Falco 011S


Vero 169L


Samson 6081


Falco 9359


Ice Diamond 7193

Townhouse Range

€13.95 Sq Yd


Nero Marquine - Hexagon/Grey


Nero Marquine - Anthracite


Henna - White


Cube Tile - Black


Cosmo - Steel


Provenza - Toned Grey


Rock - Snow Beige


Ancares Herringbone - Limed


Ancares Oak Plank - Limed


Nero Marquine - Black


Marble Bianco - Hexagon/Grey


Henna - Grey

Albi - Black/White


Cosmo - Clay


Rock - Grey/Black


Ancares Herringbone - Beige


Ancares Herringbone - Grege

Looking for something in particular?

Remember, what we show on our website is just a gimplse of what we have available in store! If you would like some help please feel free to contact us by phone, 053 9236530 or email If you would like a free quotation, send us your desired vinyl name and your space measurements. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

Safe Tex Range

€14.95 Sq Yd


Alya 8046


Matrix 103L


Cornwall 099M


Aragon 999E


Aveo 690D


Hi-Class 996E


Hi-Class 776D


Cottage Stone 990D


Alya 909E


Cornwall 109M


Aragon 090L


Aveo 960D


Pendle 998M


Hi-Class 969M


Cottage Stone 190L


Cottage Stone 080S

Xtra Tex Range

€15.95 Sq Yd


Mosaic Chalk 009s


Mosaic Cherry 940D


Mosaic Opal 970M


Chic Cloud 009L


Chic Dark Grey 907M


Baltimore Silverwood 946D


Urban Anthracite 999E


Urban Taupe 190L


Shale Textured Oak 970D


Mosaic Gunmetal 909M


Mosaic Sky 976D


Chic Rose Gold 994D


Chic Light Grey 990M


Baltimore Barn Oak 666D


Baltimore Driftwood 090S


Graphite 979D


Shale Washed Oak 090L


Shale Urbanite 979E

Goliath Range

€17.95 Sq Yd


Zaragoza Tile - Indigo


Kaolin - Light Grey


Granite - Grege


Agrego - Grege


Zaragoza Tile - Stone


Kaolin - Dark Grege


Granite - Carbon


Agrego - White

Huge Selection of Vinyl Reminensce!

Usually less than 50% normal retail price!

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