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Timber Flooring

Where Practicality Meets Style. If you would like to avail of our free measuring and quotation service, feel free to ring the store today on 053 9236530.

Colosseum 8mm
€11.95 Sq Yd
Mountain 8mm
€11.95 Sq Yd
Nevada Eir 7mm
€13.95 Sq Yd
Supernatural 8mm
€14.95 Sq Yd
Pacific Gloss 7mm
€15.95 Sq Yd
Herringbone Gloss 8mm
€15.95 Sq Yd
Vintage 10mm
€18.95 Sq Yd
Grand 12mm
€18.95 Sq Yd
Krono 12mm
€19.95 Sq Yd
Nebraska Gloss 12mm
€19.95 Sq Yd
Embossed in Register 12mm
€19.95 Sq Yd
Titan Eir Long Board 12mm
€27.95 Sq Yd
Herringbone Eir 12mm
€28.95 Sq Yd
Hercules Aqua
Water Resistant 12mm
€33.95 Sq Yd

We Carry a Huge Selection of Timber Flooring In-Store

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