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We know that it is a bold statement but we are confident that we carry the largest selection of carpet and vinyl in Leinster and that we will absolutely never be beaten on price! All of our stock is available for immediate delivery and we would be happy to arrange a fitting service for you. Whether you want to do a complete decorating makeover or freshen up an existing space, there’s no better place to turn than Slaneyside Carpets, Furniture and Tiles. Whatever you need, we know that we have it.

Carpets: Products

Turbo Range

€6.95 per Sq Yd

Bounty Range

€7.95 per Sq Yd

Pronto Range

€10.95 per Sq Yd


€9.99 per Sq Yd
40 Fern.png
75 Zircon.png
90 Vintage White.png
92 Taupe.png

Heather Twist Range

€12.95 per Sq Yd

Soft Noble Range

€14.95 per Sq Yd

Natural Touch

€15.99 per Sq Yd
4225 Grey.png
4212 Berber.png
4228 Anthracite.png
4214 Beige.png
4215 Taupe.png
4283 Sisal.png
4223 Silver.png
4217 Mink.png
Natural Touch Prices.png

Carousel Collection

€15.99 per Sq Yd

Arizona Range

€15.99 per Sq Yd

Caress Range

€16.95 per Sq Yd


€17.99 per Sq Yd
76 Granite.png
42 Caper.png
82 Pewter.png
78 Blue Slate.png
175 Tungsten.png
71 Sandstone.png
75 Ash.png
91 Taupe.png
92 Truffle.png
Magnum Prices.png


€17.99 per Sq Yd
Mystique Prices.png

Strongbow Berber

€18.99 per Sq Yd
6511 Berber.png
6524 Taupe.png
6528 Landsdowne Road.png
6523 Pembroke.png
6516 Greige.png
6514 Sandymount.png
Strongbow Berber Prices.png

Chopstick Wilton Collection

€19.95 per Sq Yd


€19.99 per Sq Yd
169 Piano Key.png
113 Strawberry Whip.png
150 Spiced One.png
172 Vintage Gold.png
120 The Red Carpet.png
171 Swiss Coffee.png
173 Pavillion Grey.png
175 Grey Owl.png
176 Old Bond Street.png
174 Parsons Stone.png
179 Porcini.png
177 Pencil Lead.png
181 Ormonde Blue.png
183 Dragon Fly.png
182 Rich Cobalt.png
178 Inkwell.png
274 Luxurious Mink.png
240 Grolive.png
273 Soft Putty.png
Jamaica Prices.png

Satin Shades

€26.99 per Sq Yd
171 Soft Shell.png
170 Almond White.png
169 Piano Key.png
172 Cloud Nine.png
175 Chateau Grey.png
191 Grey Olive.png
173 Comfort White.png
276 Lush Moss.png
295 Cranberry Cocktail.png
285 Sapphire Blue.png
298 Burnt Amber.png
277 Night Owl.png
213 Pink Fuzz.png
Satin Shades Price.png

Firenze Wilton Collection

€28.95 per Sq Yd

Contessa Elegance
Wilton Collection

€33.95 per Sq Yd
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